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0435 398 252

Highrise parkour & Freerunning Academy 

Highrise offers a range of Flip, Tricks and Parkour classes for children of all abilities. Athletes will learn specific tumbling skills along with parkour tricks during these classes. They are enrolled term by term with no commitment level required.


2019 Timetable located below, please enquire to book your spot for next term!







Monday4:00-5:00pmBoys Only - Beginner3 Spots Available!
Monday5:00-6:00pmBoys Only - Intermediate3 Spots Available!
Monday6:00-7:00pmBoys Only - Intermediate2 Spot Available!
Tuesday4:00-5:00pmBoys Only - Beginner3 Spots Available!
Tuesday5:00-6:00pmBoys Only - Intermediate2 Spots Available
Tuesday6:00-7:00pmBoys Only - Advanced4 Spots Available!
Wednesday4:00-5:00pmCoed - Beginner2 Spots Available
Wednesday5:00-6:00pmCoed - Beginner

 Full - Waiting List Available!

Wednesday5:00-6:00pmCoed - IntermediateFull - Waiting List Available!
Wednesday6:00-7:00pmCoed - Advanced5 Spots Available!
Thursday4:00-5:00pmBoys Only - Beginner2 Spots Available
Thursday5:00-6:00pmBoys Only - Intermediate4 Spots Available!
Thursday6:00-7:00pmBoys Only - AdvancedEnquire now for 2019!
Friday4:00-5:00pmCoed - Beginner1 Spot Available
Friday6:00-8:00pmAll LevelsCasual Class - Cash Only
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