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Birthday Parties

Why not have your child's birthday party with us?



What happens at a Highrise Birthday Party?

At a Highrise Birthday Party you will have the option of choosing from a Cheerleading or Parkour Party.


In Cheerleading children will learn an array of Cheerleading stunts, tricks and jumps! Creative Cheerleading games and exciting stunts are taught! All children will get the opportunity to fly!


During our Parkour birthday parties children will learn different types of parkour vaults as well as flips and tricks. They will play some games and also all birthday parties get to use the foam pit.


Time & Cost

All Birthday parties at Highrise last for 2 Hours from start to finish. If extra time is wanted please request and we may be able to accommodate for additional cost.


$20/pp Extra costs may apply for extended party or special requests*



Self-catered parties only. You will need to supply all food and drink for the party. However we do supply tables, chairs, serviettes, plates and cups.

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